Cohort 1 - May 2021

ANS Commerce

Full-stack e-commerce enabler

  • TeamVibhor Sahare CEO
  • Amit Monga Growth & Alliance
  • Nakul Singh Ops, Finance & HR
  • Sushant Puri Prod, Tech, Mktng

Full stack e-commerce enabler for online brands, providing end to end solutions that include brand store tech platform, performance marketing, marketplace management & e-commerce warehousing and fulfilment. ANS Commerce provides full-stack e-commerce solutions to help them sell on marketplaces (Flipkart, Amazon etc.) and brandstore (their own website). They have 70+ clients like Marico, ITC, Jack and Jones etc

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Emotion AI technologies to offer unique insights into customer behaviour

  • Ranjan Kumar CEO
  • Lava Kumar E CPO

India’s first Emotion AI company with patented technologies that help brands measure cognitive and emotional response of consumers towards product experiences, media campaigns and brand content. With AI technologies of Brainwave Mapping, Facial Coding & Eye Tracking, Entropik provides a unique view of Customer Digital Journey through the lens of Emotions & Subconscious Behaviour enabling brands to measure and optimize Media, Digital or Retail Experiences. Engagement model-wise, is offered as a SaaS Platform with Subscription based on No. of Campaigns to be tested in a year.

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Apparel Manufacturing Made Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

  • Pawan Gupta CEO
  • Abhishek Sharma COO

A managed marketplace that allows fashion brands across the world to access manufacturing capacity on-demand and assists them from design to delivery. A B2B marketplace that solves apparel/fashion supply chain challenges by connecting fashion brands to experienced manufacturers.During production, they provide complete visibility of the production progress on cloud and ensure that things progress as planned without constant follow-ups from the brands. Fashinza takes end-to-end responsibility of the production and quality

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Gully network

An asset-light and tech-enabled modern retail network of mid-size stores.

  • Ajay Nain CEO
  • Prateek Chaturvedi COO

Tech-enabled retail network that partners with existing grocery stores and transforms them into GULLYMART franchise stores with a view to improving income and enabling end-to-end automation. Gully Network partners with existing grocery stores through its tech-enabled modern retail network under the brand “GULLYMART”. Through its capital-efficient and operations-light model, they help their partner stores with increased income and automated operations. They offer one integrated retail-tech platform combining the front end at stores with the supply chain-tech.

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Expense-sharing, saving and wealth management based neo-banking platform

  • Ankush Singh CEO
  • Nikhil Mantha COO
  • Kunal Sangwan CTO

A startup that enables a modern banking experience for Indian consumers by offering a personal finance hub that combines payments, credit, investments, insurance, and more. Piggy is a mobile app offering expense management solutions to couples. Users can track bills, bank balances & expenses. It provides tools to set mutual goals and communicate with the partner regarding goals and spending habits. Users also get alerts and notifications for payment due dates and budget control.

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Supply Chain Monitoring at Your Fingertips

  • Adarsh Kumar CEO
  • Saumitra Singh CPO

A startup that provides supply chain monitoring solutions to F&B, pharma and hi-tech/industrial companies to solve problems related to product quality and compliance, traceability, and operational efficiency using IoT, ML and AI. TagBox is helping organizations solve supply chain problems like Product Quality and Compliance, Traceability and Operational Efficiency. TagBox allows to simply ‘tag’ a product, shipment or asset, predict and prevent supply chain quality failures, ensure end-to-end SKU or batch traceability, and improve operational efficiency KPIs. TagBox brings together a seamless blend of disruptive technologies – IoT for supply chain sensing, ML for predictive insights, and AI for actions and control.

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Unbox robotics

Robotics and automation tools for parcel sorting in warehouses

  • Pramod Ghadge CEO
  • Shahid Menon CTO

Unbox has built a plug-and-play system of AI-powered mobile robots that sort packages in vertical space and improves personnel productivity fivefold in less than 50-70% of the area required by existing methods. Unbox robotics provides an entire package involving Mobile Robots, Sort Stands, a Robot Control System software, and Peripheral Systems for infeed and outbound material movement along with integration and support services. Their solution’s plug & play nature allows them to offer the solution as a service to their customers.

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Wolkus Tech

AI-powered IoT platform for precision agriculture

  • Ananda Verma CEO
  • Shailendra Tiwari

An IoT-based AI-powered intelligence platform that captures real-time data on conditions from on-farm sensors and delivers farm-specific, crop-specific & crop-stage-specific actionable recommendations to farmers in vernacular languages through the “Fasal” app. Fasal offers a cloud platform that collects the microclimatic data (like temperature, humidity etc) captured by the on-field sensors are incorporated in its proprietary AI-based microclimate forecasting algorithm to analyze and provide insights on microclimate, disease forecast, irrigation management, resource optimization etc.

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