FLA Cohort 1



Dopplr looks to provide immersive virtual stores as a service for brands, aided by Al driven garment display & personalization. Customers can virtually try on apparel on their avatars and also experience social shopping along with their friends.

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LivWell Asia, a blockchain-based Insurtech & health engagement application, provides affordable bite-size Insurance products aimed toward millennials. The insurtech company uses dynamic health data from its application to provide rewards and reduced premiums for Insurance purchases.

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Logistics Solutions

LogisticsNow’s flagship digital logistics platform (LoRRI) is revolutionizing the B2B transport value chain, powered by a vision to build a National Logistics Grid. LoRRI’s deep data-based freight intelligence and procurement solutions save on costs and time, while enabling sustainability, for shippers and carriers.

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Automated Catalogs

NeuroPixel.AI is a DeepTech startup at the intersection of Fashion E-Commerce and ComptuerVision. They generate lifelike synthetic human models – with the ability to personalize basis Size, Gender and Age, and automate the process of cataloging apparel.

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Robotic Fulfillment

Rightbot Technologies is a full stack robotics automation platform catering to online fulfillment. Currently focused on the quick commerce segment, their proprietary technology enables efficient order fulfillment, leading to higher productivity, lower costs and improved employee wellbeing.

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Seller Enablement

SellerApp is a seller-centric intelligence platform that empowers sellers to manage, optimize and scale their business. Their key focus is to strengthen the seller ecosystem with actionable data and insights. The company also provides deep analysis into category sizing, new product development and Ad Optimization.

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Engagement Curriculum

Flipkart Leap has partnered with Bain & Co to deliver a curriculum that is customised to the needs of the selected startups. The modules are carefully designed to ensure a startup grows and scales holistically. This program is put together with a combination of trainer led sessions from Bain, augmented by practical insights from the Flipkart leaders.
Business strategy
Business strategy
  • Make “where to play” and “how to win” choices
  • Know Your Customer
  • Developing a pricing strategy
Being a Founder
Being a Founder
  • Scaling-up with a founder’s mentality
  • Building a personal brand
  • Developing relationships and building a winning team
Performance & Finance Management
Performance & Finance Management
  • Measuring performance for success
  • Startup Finance 101
  • Compliance & Legalities
Engineering Strategies
Engineering Strategies
  • Scalable product architecture
  • Product design and engineering trade-offs
  • Build-buy-partner decisioning
PMF & Hypergrowth
PMF & Hypergrowth
  • Finding the Product Market Fit
  • Understanding when to pivot and when to persevere
  • All things Growth
  • Fundraising Fundamentals
  • Delivering an impactful pitch

OUR Mentors

The most valuable offering of the program is that it is positioned to leverage the collective expertise of Flipkart leaders, who have not only been ex-founders of successful startups but have been a part of the Flipkart journey in scaling up. By being mentored and guided by these experts, startups stand to grow on both strategic and tactical levels.

Adarsh menon,

SVP, New Businesses On 'Understanding your customers and business development'

Hemant Badri,

SVP & Head of Supply Chain On 'Scaling Operations'

Prakash Slkaria,

SVP Growth On 'All things Growth'

Anand Lakshminarayanan,

SVP, Flipkart Commerce Cloud On 'Building tech businesses'

Krishna Raghavan,

Chief People Officer On 'Building the right talent'

Pramod Jain,

SVP Enterprise Risk Mgmt & Corporate Taxation 'On Corporate Building Blocks'

Bharath Ram,

VP & Product Head On 'Product Market Fit'

Mayur Datar,

Cheif Data Scientist On 'Scaling Tech & Architecture'

Sakait Chaudhury.

CFO On 'Startup Finanace Management'

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